The effects of wars: lessons from the war in Ukraine

Special issue of Policy Studies, due for publication 22nd April 2023.

A special issue of the journal Policy Studies has been guest edited by a team at UEA.

Guest editors:  Pierre Bocquillon, Suzanne Doyle, Toby James, Ra Mason, Soul Park and Matilde Rosina

About the special issue

Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, in an escalation of a conflict that began in 2014.  The immediate consequences were the loss of life and the large volume of refugees from Ukraine.  However, the consequences are far reaching in Ukraine and beyond, given the close interconnection of international political, economic and policy systems.

The traditional focus of the effects of wars is on inter-state relations and strategic issues.  However, there are potentially much wider global consequences for a greater variety of policy areas.  The effects of these are not always studied so closely – or in a more unified way, with the effects of war usually the preserve of strategic studies.  Policy studies often tends to treat the effects of war as an ‘external shock’ or ‘punctuated equilibrium’ with little further theoretical reflection.

This special issue will consider the first consequences of the war, still ongoing at the time of the call, aware that these are changing in real time.  Papers are welcome on the effects of the war on particular policy areas in Ukraine,  across Europe and globally– but also how theoretical concepts such as ‘exogenous shocks’ and ‘punctuated equilibrium’ are used for understanding policy change.

Special issue contents:

Introduction and theoretical framework:

  • The Effects of Wars: Lessons from the first consequences of the war in Ukraine‘ Pierre Bocquillon, Suzanne Doyle, Toby James, Ra Mason, Soul Park and Matilde Rosina (University of East Anglia and University of Brunel).

The effects on human capabilities and economies:

The effects on values, beliefs and attitudes:

The effects on policy and governance:

The effects on power and relationships

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