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Mapping World Politics

This year’s news intake of undergraduate International Relations students at UEA have been busy mapping world politics as part of their welcome week. Working in small groups, our students have been reflecting on key issues, actors and processes within international relations, and thinking about how these might be represented visually.…

Anjem Choudary, ISIS and UK counterterrorism

Lee Jarvis explores what Anjem Choudary's conviction for inviting support for Islamic State tells us about UK counterterrorism today We learned on Tuesday (16 August) that Anjem Choudary – frequently described as a ‘radical cleric’ or ‘hate preacher’ – has been convicted under Section 12 of the Terrorism Act 2000…

Parliamentary representation in three graphs

Legislative Studies Quarterly has just published an article written by Dr Chris Hanretty together with Ben Lauderdale (LSE) and Nick Vivyan. In this post, Chris summarizes the article's claims about how MPs represent their constituent's views. Imagine a world very much like our own, where MPs are elected to the…
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