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The UK is reaping what the British Media has been sowing for a long time

Maria Kyriakidou argues that the British media played an important role in the Brexit vote, which has to be seen to be beyond the specific period of the referendum. The result of the EU referendum and the now imminent Brexit have been met with shock and disbelief both globally and in the UK, where despite […]

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Who won the referendum?

Alan Finlayson argues that Brexit should be seen as a series of different responses to globalisation. As always, once the people have spoken, the people has to work out what they were saying, to whom, how and why. Consequently, there are hundreds of interpretations out there including a confusing array of numbers and charts and […]

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We must localise the EU and curb corporate power- but does that mean in or out?

The EU referendum debate is taking place between different wings of the corporate elite, dominated by assumptions in favour of big business, free trade and endless economic growth, write Helena Norberg-Hodge, Rupert Read & Thomas Wallgren. But to vote for a sustainable future we must adopt a very different, local perspective- one you’ll never find […]

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Let’s stop the last minute registration rush: It’s time for a complete and inclusive electoral register for Britain

As the deadline for registering for the EU referendum looms, Lord Rennard, Toby James and Oliver Sidorczuk highlight the problem with last minute scrambles and argue that the UK should draw on lessons from abroad to achieve a comprehensive electoral register. Registration for the EU Referendum will close at midnight, 7 June. If you’re not […]

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People with Disabilities, Transgendered identities and Women Still Fair Game for Hate Speech Online

On Tuesday the European Commission and various major internet companies announced a new Code of Conduct on illegal online hate speech. Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube have agreed to clarify on their terms of usage that they will prohibit illegal incitement to hatred. Moreover, they have agreed to put in place clear and effective processes […]