The EU Referendum on Eastminster

The UK will hold a referendum on whether to leave the EU on 23 June.

David Cameron
David Cameron
On Eastminster you’ll find a range of posts relating to the referendum and this page will be updated on a rolling basis, with postcasts, opinion and analysis.

UEA’s Professor Hussein Kassim is a UK in a Changing Europe Senior Fellow, organising a public series of events

Here are some podcast highlight speeches:

Lord Lawson
Mark Mardell
Watch a public ‘ask the experts’ event held in Norwich
Why does media coverage of the EU matter? A panel discussion chaired by chaired by John Peet, Political Editor, Economist.
How good is the British media at reporting Europe? A panel discussion including Adam Boulton from Sky news
The challenge of reporting EU news. A panel discussion including Anton La Guardia from the Economist.
Reporting Europe: Is the UK different? A panel discussion including Professor Simon Hix, LSE.

The Story Continues with more analysis:
The University of East Anglia’s Vice Chancellor, Professor David Richardson, sets out his views on the UK and the EU on Eastminster.
Introducing Cameron’s EU red card will have limited impact, argues Sara Hagemann, Chris Hanretty and Simon Hix.
Has the EU failed us, or have we failed to forge a European identity? Asks Marina Prentoulis

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