My experience working with Clive Lewis

It is more than fair to say that working in Westminster has been an invaluable experience that I will treasure greatly. I was warmly greeted by the lovely staff of Clive Lewis in Westminster which quickly calmed my nerves, as this is my first experience of Politics on the ground. I was eager to take on tasks, research areas relevant to Clive and generally immerse myself within Parliament. The whole week has been very rewarding and I have learnt vital skills, from both Clive Lewis and his staff, that I’m sure I will transfer to future jobs.

My first day started with a tour of the Houses of Parliament which I now appreciate far more than I did when I came here as a child. It is rich with a history that makes Parliament what it is today. As I was “working” with Clive, I was given the luxury of being able to freely roam around Parliament to see all the nooks, crannies and secret pathways. It reminded me of how lucky I was to have landed this placement. Fortunately enough, Clive also showed me the very instrument, mounted in Parliament, that Churchill used light his cigars! I had the opportunities varying from sitting in on committee meetings on contemporary issues; to attending an event with Clive and his staff in the Member’s Dining Room; to sitting in on the Treasury and Business oral questions in the Chamber. It felt surreal to be able to be a part of all of this.

Clive is a man of many responsibilities within Parliament, yet he is loyal and compassionate towards his constituents. I undertook research and wrote briefings on the social security in Norwich, the impact of the soft drinks industry levy, as well as the current situation regarding the State Pension Age. These are topics I have never dabbled in before, however, it opened my eyes to the myriad of challenges people are facing today. The work that is produced in Clive’s office is indispensable and I am glad that I was momentarily a part of this team.

Although the UK is caught up in the storm of Brexit, working in Clive’s office has taught me that there is far more going on behind the scenes than is publicly known. Clive and his staff are incessantly working towards making a positive change with all the hard work that they do. Working in Clive’s office has also taught me that politics is a route to implementing positive change amidst the tension. Change can be produced if one is motivated.

All in all, I will forever cherish this experience. Clive Lewis is a warm, welcoming man and his staff are all friendly and inviting. This experience has reaffirmed my aspiration of working within politics, as I know that there are people out there who are always working for the greater good, no matter what the media tells us.

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