Jon Cruddas and the ‘rise of cyborg socialism’

Jon Cruddas MP
Jon Cruddas MP

Labour MP Jon Cruddas is often described as one of few ‘intellectual’ parliamentarians in contemporary British politics.  In 2018, he  wrote an article in the New Statesman arguing that recent thinking in the left was problematic.  The article, ‘The humanist left must challenge the rise of cyborg socialism‘, suggested that recent work on ‘postcapitalism’ and ‘accelerationism,’ which was coming increasingly influential has been subjected to ‘little critical engagement… in terms of its intellectual origins and assumptions.’

Jon Cruddas took part in a roundtable discussion at the University of East Anglia.  In this podcast he puts his article in the context of the challenges that face the left.  Three academics then provide a critical reflection on his article: Professor Alan Finlayson, Dr. Rupert Read and Dr Abby Innes (LSE).  Listen to their introductory comments in this post.

Opening comments from Jon Cruddas:

Response from Professor Alan Finlayson:

Response from Abby Innes:

Response from Rupert Read:

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