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International Security

Camille Borrett reflects on her experience of the MA course in International Security at UEA

I studied International Relations as an undergraduate and became so passionate about the topic that I decided to continue and study for an MA also in International Relations.

To me, International Relations is the perfect course for anyone who has a strong interest in current affairs and is eager to reflect upon and understand world politics. I find it an extremely exciting subject because it is constantly evolving as events unfold on the world scene. Contrary to what might be expected it extends far beyond interactions amongst states to encompass a variety of aspects ranging from environmental to gender issues. In this sense, it is a broad subject with different specialised branches that can cut across different academic fields.

What appealed to me when choosing to study an MA in International Relations at UEA was the freedom and the variety in the choice of modules. Given that I didn’t want to narrow down my focus to one branch of International Relations, the MA at UEA enabled me to go into depth in different areas that were of particular interest to me. I was, for example, able to study a module focusing on International Organisations as well as a module focusing on International Security. In addition, at postgraduate level, there is great freedom when it comes to essay topics for the majority of the coursework. This enabled me to focus my efforts and research on areas that I thought would be of most relevance to my professional aspirations.

Some of the material for the compulsory module “International Relations Theory” was familiar to me, having studied International Relations as an undergraduate, but I especially enjoyed the fact that students coming from different academic backgrounds were also enrolled on the module. Some were, for example, part of the school of Economics or International Development and were able to make valuable contributions using their knowledge from other academic fields, thus, making it a truly multidisciplinary learning experience.

Camille Borrett, UEA Student
Camille Borrett, UEA Student

The MA in International Relations is particularly relevant for those wishing to pursue a career working in foreign policy, in an International Organisation or within an NGO. But even putting career considerations to one side, on a personal level, the course is invaluable for a better understanding of pressing international issues and events.

Last but not least, you will find that the staff from the school of Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies (PPL) at UEA are very enthusiastic, conveying their passion for the topic at every opportunity. The school is also very active, organising regular talks from guest speakers and it is possible to take part in a trip to Brussels to discover EU and NATO institutions.

Camille Borrett, MA International Security 2015-16

Image Credit: Camille Borrett

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