Rupert Read addresses UEA’s new students, with a shock message

Rupert Read, UEA

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10 thoughts on “Rupert Read addresses UEA’s new students, with a shock message

  1. Brilliant Rupert! Everyone should google the superb documentary shown on Sunday 23 April (channel 4) and repeated on Tues 25 April on Ch4seven at 7.00pm:

    Man-Made Planet: Earth from Space – a comparison of life on Earth in its many guises and beauty seen by astronauts from space : they cover deserts, polar regions, forests, seas, mega-cities …. seeing what it looked like about 10 years ago and now!
    For one thing it looks dark in the past and now its lit up like a Christmas decoration…the megacities have ballooned ….one village Shenchen has grown to 11 million. Its where 1/4 of world smart phones at and the biggest drone co. resides!!! The aerial patterns spoke 100words. We must publicize this film (!!
    Anne Filgate Green County Council candidate for the enormous rural South Smallburgh division. (13 parishes).
    Can anyone offers a a couple of hours or so to help leaflet my division!

  2. I’ve been led here via google following a tweet from Rupert Read about his refusal to debate with climate deniers on BBC radio. I have noted in a comment to my article that his impressive campaign to deny people like me the right to express ourselves, and the support he has received from the BBC, the Guardian, and academics like Mark Maslin of UCL, suggests that he may well succeed. I note in a comment to my article a logical implication of this campaign.

    Rupert’s statement to first year students that the actions of my generation is directly responsible for cutting their young lives short is not supported by any rational scientific argument. Is he willing to outline why he believes that “the future, well within your lifetimes, is going to be unrecognisable, and unrecognisably worse”?

    Would he be willing to engage in a debate at our sceptical website

  3. I hope you do not have a motor I have stopped driving and now walk or ride. My. Cycle
    I have had my gas boiler taken out and now have elec heating it is costing me a lot more

    I do not now fly as that is the biggest polluter ,
    I hope you do not fly around the world

    So can you give tell me you have stopped these transports ,

    Or are you all talk no action

    If you do not reply. It means you are just a fake a liar just lying to be heard

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