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Politics on Wednesdays

A new seminar series begin this week at the University of East Anglia, where we will be speaking about politics on the big issues. All welcome! 3 Oct 13:00-14:30 LT 2 Jeffrey Haynes, London Metropolitan University 'From Huntington to Trump: 30 Years of the Clash of Civilisations’ 17 Oct 13:00-14:00…

Brexit and moral foundation framing: the key to a People’s Vote is in Vote Leave’s hands

Will Conservative Brexiteers back another referendum? If so, is it the nature of the argument that will persuade them or who makes it? Eitan Tzelgov and Delia Dumitrescu show that, although views on Brexit are based around moral issues, moral framing alone does not persuade these voters. What does seem to change their minds on…
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