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School climate strikes: why adults no longer have the right to object to their children taking radical action

A worldwide wave of school climate strikes, begun by the remarkable Greta Thunberg, has reached the UK. Some critics claim these activist-pupils are simply playing truant, but I disagree. Speaking as both a climate campaigner and an academic philosopher, I believe school walkouts are morally and politically justifiable. Philosophy can…

‘What Have the Gypsies ever done for us?’ (There’s the metalwork, art, music, boxing, equine expertise, skilled labour …. foodbank donations)

While out shopping with his baby daughter last month, Watson Harrop Jr. of County Durham, a Gypsy and professional harness racer, sparked off a social media challenge that has since gone viral. Mr Harrop filmed himself at his local supermarket donating a trolley of groceries to a foodbank, and nominating…
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